Rules and Regulations

Passion League – Rules and Regulations:

General rules and regulations

  1. For amateur players only. No State and National ranked players allowed
  2. For monthly tournaments 2 to 3 qualifier league matches will be held followed by knock-out stage
  3. All matches played for best of 5 sets
  4. Referee and Organiser decision is always final
  5. All entries will be confirmed only through pre-registration and payment of entry fee. Spot registration may not be allowed – purely at organiser discretion
  6. Late arrival of players to lead to automatic walkover for league and knock-out matches
  7. Organiser not responsible for any injuries or accidents to players during the event
  8. Season finale entry is only by invitation to the top 4 players in monthly events.
  9. Foul play, misbehaviour, foul language strictly prohibited. Such players will be immediately disqualified.
  10. Fixtures and Schedule will be published one day prior to the monthly event